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We represent a diverse cross-section of private health care organizations who are calling on Texas lawmakers to support the performance measurement reporting and improvement enterprise. Stand for Quality’s recommendations – Building a Foundation for High Quality, Affordable Health Care: Linking Performance Measurement to Health Reform – are based on extensive input and dialogue from diverse stakeholders across the healthcare system.

Stand for Quality in Texas Health Care

Stand for Quality’s past efforts were focused on a long term strategy to 1) extend current funding for measure endorsement and 2) to secure funding (an additional $20 million/year) for measure development. Specifically, funding will support ongoing endorsement of measures for high-priority conditions, endorsement of measures that cross settings and conditions, support new areas of measurement such as value-based purchasing and registries, and work to facilitate the transition to eMeasures. For further information about SFQ’s current efforts, please see the documents below.

  • Stand for Quality Supports Quality Provisions in the IMPACT Act (PDF)
  • Stand for Quality Commends Committees’ Physician Payment Reform Proposal for Promoting High-Value Patient Care (PDF)
  • Stand for Quality Applauds Senate Finance and House Ways and Means Committees’ Proposal for Physician Payment Reform 3 (PDF)
  • The Next Generation of Health Care Performance Measures: Proposal to Support Improved Health Outcomes and Quality Improvement (PDF)
  • Building a Foundation for High Quality, Affordable Health Care: Linking Performance Measurement to Health Reform  (PDF)
  • Statement Regarding The Energy and Commerce Physician Payment Reform Proposal (PDF)
  • Quality Letter to Senate Finance Committee (PDF)
  • Discussion Draft Language (PDF)

Foundation for Quality Care in Texas

Stand for Quality participants include employers, physicians, hospitals, patients, health plans, and others from throughout the region. We measure the quality of health care and produce publicly available reports designed to help improve health care decision-making. About five million adults between the ages of 19 and 23 don’t have health insurance, even though nearly half of them have full-time jobs. Data shows an 80 percent increase in health care spending among American adults with obesity.

Stand for Quality Community Checkup report measures the quality of care provided by hospitals, clinics, health plans and other health care providers in the region. Visitors to the website will also find useful information and practical tools that can be helpful when making decisions about health care and what we can do to improve our health. For example, you can learn how to identify effective care, how to choose or design health benefit plans and how to decide which doctor to see and what questions to ask to get the best quality health care.

Regardless of the policy prescription for improving the performance of the health care system, Stand for Quality supports the inclusion of measures that help any public or private policy effort to improve measurement and quality. Our previous efforts have successfully resulted in funding under two federal statutes, MIPPA (2008) and ACA (2010) for both measure endorsement projects as well as several convening projects. See the documents to learn more about our past work and positions.

Thank you for signing on as a supporting organization of this important initiative. Please note that organization names, not individuals, will be listed on this website. If you are not authorized to offer your organization’s support, please contact us for more information.

Quality Matters

Our goal is to provide health care that meets our Members’ needs and helps them maintain and improve their health. We have developed a focused quality program that strives to continuously improve the care and services our members receive.

Doctors and Providers

We carefully evaluate our doctors and providers, such as dental Implants Austin, before they see our Members, by reviewing their history of patient care, their licensing and accreditation, and their facilities. After they’ve joined, we continue to evaluate them regularly, looking at the care they provide our Members and inspecting their offices to make sure they meet all the rules for access, safety, and medical records.

Quality Care

Besides reviewing the Providers’ medical records, we also look at any concerns or problems our Members may have with any provider. We work closely with the providers to improve the care and service our Members receive. Our Member Services department takes calls from Members to help address any issues they may have with a doctor or hospital.

Quality Programs

We want our Members to have the best care possible, so we developed several programs to help improve our Members’ health. We work with our Members and their doctors to help manage their health, deal with chronic conditions or diseases, and ensure access to needed health services.

Quality of Service

We care about the service our associates provide to our Members. We constantly monitor how well our Member Services staff answers Member phone calls, and how thoroughly we address questions or concerns. We make sure we respond to Member requests in a timely manner. And above all, we want to ensure that our Members are treated courteously and respectfully by our providers.

We are committed to partnering with our Members on their journey to a healthy, fulfilling, and meaningful life.

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