Explore this sampling of resources to help your employees or subscribers make the best possible choices when managing their health and health care.

Tracking Health Care

Care Organizing Tools

Links to tools and resources to help you care for your child with special health care needs, your family and yourself.


Website where you can upload medical records, log your physical activities and medical test results and do much more. You can also give access to this information to family members or health care providers.

Talking With Health Care Providers

Making the Most of Your Visit

Easy steps to get ready for a visit to your health care provider. Includes lists of questions to prepare for different kinds of visits.

Questions Are the Answer

Questions to ask when considering a new treatment, surgery or test; picking a new doctor and more. The Question Builder will help you develop a list of questions related to your specific health concerns.

Healthcare Excellence 

Tips on choosing a health care provider, getting ready for an appointment and more.

Bring a Health Advocate to Appointments

Video service message that encourages health care consumers to bring a friend or family member to doctor appointments to ensure they collect accurate information about their condition and treatment.

Checklists for Health

Women: Stay Healthy at Any Age

Fact sheet listing recommended health screenings and healthy lifestyle advice for women.

Men: Stay Healthy at Any Age

Fact sheet listing recommended health screenings and healthy lifestyle advice for men.

Tips for Going Home from the Hospital

Video service message that emphasizes the need to clarify all aspects of medical care, including medications, in preparation for leaving the hospital.

Taking Care of Myself: A Guide for When I Leave the Hospital

Website for patients to help them care for themselves when they leave the hospital that can be used by both hospital staff and patients during the discharge process and provides a way for patients to track their medication schedules, upcoming medical appointments, and important phone numbers. Download brochure.

Tips for Safer Surgery

Tips for Safer Surgery

What you should know and what you should do to lower your risk of problems from a surgical procedure.

Finding Health Information

Health Website Ratings

Ratings of the 20 most popular health information websites based on 10 measures, including ease of use, privacy and corrections and currency.

Patient 101: How to Find Reliable Health Information

Brochure about what to look for when using the Internet to research health information.

Guía de MedlinePlus para una búsqueda saludable en Internet

¿Qué debo buscar cuando evalúe la calidad de la información de salud que ofrecen los portales de Internet?

Navigating the Health Care System

Advice columns from general internist and researcher Dr. Carolyn Clancy.

Health News Review

Website that rates health news stories based on whether they are fair and accurate and tell the complete story.

Health Care 411: News and Information

Weekly audio and video programs featuring news and information on current health care topics.


Health search engine, an online health community, health news and tips, and consumer-friendly helth information guides to help people access high quality and personalized health information.

Researching Quality Care

Hospital Quality Rankings

Website with searchable, comparative information about Washington State hospitals’ infection rates, treatment, and 30-day outcomes for patients with heart attacks, heart failure, pneumonia, children’s asthma and other illnesses as well as general surgical care, medical imaging and patient satisfaction.

Health Care Options Matrix

Table of health care options available to residents of the State of Washington.

Health Care Quality: How to Know it When You See It

Brochure about what to look for when assessing your own health care.

Hospital Compare

Website comparing hospitals on how often they provide the recommended treatments for heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and surgical patients.

The Leapfrog Group

Website rating hospitals to see which have quality and safety “leaps” for intensive care unit staffing, reduction of medical errors and more.


Website rating hospitals, nursing homes and doctors. Some of the information on the site is free, but there is a fee for detailed reports.

Natural Standard

Website providing evidence-based information about complementary and alternative therapies, founded by clinicians and researchers.


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